Presentation of the Diplomatic Academy

The Diplomatic Academy is an initiative of FIRPAS students who opt for a direct, open and dynamic communication with diplomatic representatives, such as ambassadors, members of the diplomatic corps, representatives of various delegations, but also with staff members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic Moldova, leaders of International Organizations etc.

By developing the academy, is estimated to represent diplomatic essence from the practice perspective not theoretical angle. The activity of the academy is based on welcoming guests, sharing experience, challenges and barriers in the field of diplomacy at various stages. These meetings are considered to facilitate a better understanding of the domain of diplomacy, the lessons learned from invitees  being of great advantage for the students, future diplomats.

The purpose of the initiative focuses on the practical aspects of diplomacy through the direct participation of staff members employed in various diplomatic structures, and would favor informal training of those interested in the field of International Relations.

Events: Meetings will take place monthly (occasionally two times per month). Presuming a consecutive regularity, will be invited guests from the Republic of Moldova as well as accredited in the Republic of Moldova. Respectively, a local diplomat and a foreign one.


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