INTERNATIONAL Colaboration  

  1. Tampere Peace Research Institute (TAPRI), University of Tampere, Finland – participation and working visit to Finland of lectures of the Department of International Relations and study visit of students from the University of Tampere, Finland to FIRPAS, within the Erasmus + program framework.

In detail: The academic mobility between FIRPAS of the Moldova State University and TAMPERE University of Finland was carried out by Mrs. Teosa Valentina, PhD Prof., Ms. Morari Cristina, PhD lecturer and Cojuhari Irina, lecturer in May 2019. As well, Mrs. Teosa Valentina, PhD Prof. was invited to develop lectures at TAMPERE University of Finland during May 5-12, 2018.  In line with the project context, professors of TAPRI Institute, the University of Tampere, Mrs. Helena Rytövuori-Apunen, in February 12–25, 2018 and Romasov Vadim, in February 11-22, 2019, delivered several lectures on international conflicts and peace studies at the Department of International Relations. Within the same program, Mr. Pawan Baraik, University of Opole of Poland was in a study visit during 27.02.18-30.06.18. At the same time, it was organized a cultural visit to Moldova for students of the University of Tampere, in October 19-23, 2018. Students of both universities participated to a round table held on October 22, 2019 by the Department of International Relations, sharing opinions and experience in the field of international relations.

  1. “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Iasi, Romania – A fruitful collaboration with partners from Romania, Ukraine, Poland and Belarus in the project framework Erasmus + Jean Monnet Activities, Jean Monnet Networks ENACTEDEuropean Union and its neighborhood. Network for enhancing EU’s actorness in the eastern borderlands.

In detail: Among the main activities implemented during 2018-2019 should be mentioned the following: “Cooperation within EU Neighborhood Policy: Instruments, Solutions and Opportunities for the Republic of Moldova” a round table held on April 12, 2019 with the participation of representatives of the EU Delegation, MFAEI, NGOs, Ukrainian  and Romanian partners; the European essay contest Looking to the Future – Common Values, Common Dreams” and celebration of the Neighborhood Day “EU Neighbors’ Day – Together for a Common Future” that took place on May 8, 2019. The event started with the laugh of the ENACTED Project at the State University of Moldova and was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of International Relations, Political and Administrative Sciences – Mr. Alexandru Solcan, Head of the Department of International Relations – Mrs. Cristina Ejov, Head of the Department of European Integration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration – Mrs. Daniela Cujbă, Project Coordinator and Director of the Center of European Studies –  Mr. Grigore Vasilescu. Moreover, other opportunity for collaboration was the International Conference “Romania – from the Great Union to European integration” organized in November 14-15, 2018 at the University A.I. Cuza with the participation of Mrs. Morari Cristina, PhD lecturer, Deputy Dean of FIRPAS and Mr. Vasilescu Grigore, PhD Professor.

  1. College of Europe – the traditional information meeting for presenting the academic offer in education organized by the College of Europe at FIRPAS.

In details: On October 29, 2018, the first and second year master’s degree students in Diplomatic and European Study Programs met Ms. Joanna Ziółkowska, the representative of the College of Europe in Poland (Natolin). The event aimed to present the academic offers for scholarships at 2 campuses located in Belgium (Bruges) and Poland (Natolin), available to the bachelor or master students of such Faculties as Political Science, European Studies, International Relations, Journalism, Foreign Languages, Law and Economics (the scholarship amount approx. 24 thousand Euros).

  1. University of Beira Interior, Covilha, Portugal. A collaboration agreement on academic mobility of students and university lecturers was concluded between FIRPAS and University of Beira Interior, Portugal,

In detail: During this activity in 2018 – 2019 at the University of Beira Interior of Portugal carried out the academic mobility, the second-year students Repida Elena and Zlatovcena Maria, and Ms. Teosa V., PhD Prof., Ms. Morari Cristina, PhD lect., and Deputy Dean, Ms. Nicolaescu Irina, university lecturer of the Faculty of International Relations.  An exchange of experience for students and professors developed, as well in 2017-2018 and namely, Capmaru Cristina and Guzun Grigore studied at the University of Beira Interior, while two students Calcatin Alex, and Hariton Victor and three professors- Madeira Luis, Santos Angela, Bruno Ferreira Costa of the University of Beira Interior of Portugal participated in the learning process of the Faculty of International Relations, Political and Administrative Studies, MSU.

  1. Center for International Cooperation, Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca – Academic mobility and exchange of experience between foreign professors and students and those of the Department of International Relation, Political and Administrative Studies, within the framework of the Center for International Cooperation of the University Babeș-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca.

In detail: During a working visit Mr. Henry Vincent, professor of the University Babeș-Bolyai scheduled in April 16-19, 2018 delivered the course (15 hours) on Geopolitics for the first-year students. In the period of October 1st and November 1st, 2018 Guzun Grigore, third-year student of the International Relation Department carried out an internship at the Center for International Cooperation. Another lecturer of IR Department, Alina Slobodaniuc, participated in the academic mobility, performing a course (8 hours) on Diplomatic Communication at the University Babeș-Bolyai. As well, a student national conference “Politics and policies. History, implementation and strategies for future” was held within the Faculty of History and Philosophy, the University Babeș-Bolyai. At the event, under the scientific guidance of Mrs. Cristina Morari, PhD lecturer, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of International Relations, Political and Administrative Studies, participated the following students: Rusu Daniela, second-year bachelor student, Rotari Natalia and Vasilian Lilia, first-year master students of Diplomatic Studies program.

  1. University of Szeged, Hungary –Based on an agreement signed for the period 2016-2018 with the Francophone university agency (AUF), the international collaboration with partners from the University of Szeged, Hungary and the University Babeș-Bolyai Cluj, Romania, mainly focused on activities for the Project „Soutien aux formations francophones”.

In the context of project outcomes should be mentioned the implementation of two social projects; launch of the Francophone Discussions Club VETOclub, support of AUF and Antena Chișinău, for international academic mobility in November 2017.

In detail: In April 2018 Țîrdea Zinaida, second-year student of the Department of International Relations carried out an academic mobility at the Institute of International Relations of the University of Szeged, Hungary. The international contest organized in March 2018 offered the opportunity to three students of IR Department to benefit of francophone scholarship for one month.

  1. University of Oradea, Romania – academic mobility developed by Mrs. Morari Cristina, PhD lecturer in October 5-12, 2018.
  2. University of Cadiz, Spain – academic mobility carried out by master students of IR Department, Postica Elena and Marinova Maria during 2018-2019.
  3. University of Brighton, UK – Launch of the book ” University contribution to the promotion of peace and conflict resolution: global and local contexts” by Dr. Juliet Millican, Academic Director of the Community Engagement Team of the University of Brighton, UK.

In detail: The event held on February 6, 2018 focused on presenting the book University contribution to the promotion of peace and conflict resolution: global and local contexts” by Juliet Millican to master students of Diplomatic and European Studies. The author concentrated on common fields of interest such as citizenship and cross-border education, globalization, migration and the university contribution to conflicts resolution, community reconstruction and local development. Dr. Millican discussed on central premise of the edited volume and argued that higher education institutions have been a valuable resource in conflict resolution, considering three elements:  research, teaching and services. She provided a broad overview of case studies included in the volume and namely on Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and highlighted the key role of university in overcoming conflict situations, promoting peacebuilding and resilience in challenging times.

  1. French Institute of Geopolitics, Paris– Public lecture „American political institutions under the Trump Presidency” delivered by Maxime Chervaux, professor of French Institute of Geopolitics of Paris University, on February 6, 2019, offered the students of IR Department a great opportunity to debate on the subject, its relevance and actuality in the diplomatic, foreign policy and international relations realm.
  2. International Development Ethics Association (IDEA) – a conference platform

In detail: The Conference “Marginalized countries, human rights and development of ethics” held in May 17-18, 2018 with the support of Moldova State University in partnership with Ombudsman Office of the Republic of Moldova, UN Human Rights (OHCHR), The National School of Public Health Management of Moldova, Department of Philosophy and Anthropology, MSU. The conference brought together Moldovan and foreign scientists, development practitioners, government officials and representatives of local and regional civil society entities. It constituted a capacity consolidation platform for 37 speakers, 129 participants from 9 different countries. The event was coordinated and moderated Dr. Prof. V. Teosa and invited representatives of marginalized groups of people, with physical disabilities, LGBT, religious confession, etc. Government officials and members of civil society and a delegation form Transnistria also joined the two days of plenary and workshop discussions on Applied Ethics for Decision Makers and Civil Society. Local and foreign high-level representatives, international community, civil society and academic environment participants attended the international conference to contribute to a multilateral dialog on diversity of benefits and perspectives for community.

  1. Francophone university agency (AUF) – Collaboration project between the Francophone University Agency and MSU, IR Department, FIRPAS developed in 2016-2018 to strengthen cooperation in areas, such as promoting French language learning, academic mobility for lecturers and bachelor’s degree students.

In detail: The project implemented the following activities: meetings of students and NGO representatives to promote VOLUNTEERING in October 2018; Public debate “The Republic of Moldova – Parliamentary or Presidential Republic?” in December 2018; workshop on evolution of public speaking with Beglița Sveatoslav in Februaru 2019; public lectures: “Analyse des consequences de la revolution des Roses Georgienne sur l’humanite” with Giovanni Cavalarro, French Embassy representative responsible for linguistics mission in Moldova,  and “Diplomatic Ceremonial and Protocol” with Luc J.G. von Francois, Honorary Ambassador to Romanian Royal House; contest of video discourses of students: LA COULEUR de ma VIE FRISPiste; workshop for students “CULTURAL DIPLOMACY” to discuss diplomatic ethics of francophone, anglophone and Germanophone  countries with Simion Olesea, AUF BECO responsible for students projects in May 2019;  discussion meeting CULTURE OF CIVIC ESSENCE  with Luc J.G. von Francois, Director of the Economic, Social and Cultural Francophone Center in March 2019; Simulation of the XVIIe  Sommet de la Francophonie in Mrach 2019; round table “ Experience et vie diplomatique” with Moraru Lilian, Head of Division Multilateral Cooperation of MFAEI in April 2019, informative seminar “Etudes en France” with Giovanni Cavalarro, Campus France correspondent and French Embassy representative responsible for linguistics mission in Moldova in October 2018;

Campus France in the Republic of Moldova– development of Public lecturers. One of recent event “Analysis of consequences of the rose revolution on humanity” took place on February 2, 2019 with the participation of the Campus France correspondent, French Embassy representative responsible for linguistics mission in Moldova.


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