The International Relation Department Mission

The mission of the International Relations Department of FIRPAS, MSU is to carry out the educational process in compliance with national standards and Bologna process to educate the most highly competent professionals in the field of International Relations. To do this, the Department is committed to becoming the main educational unit in the Republic of Moldova by offering high quality academic degree programmes (bachelor, master and doctorate) and provide specialists for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration and for the International Relations, Analysis and Protocol Divisions of State Institutions, as well for non -governmental and business sectors, etc.

At the same time, the Department has the purpose to serve as unique platform (within its field of professional interest) for academia, government and non-governmental environments to develop expertise, analysis and research, also, to implement projects. Thus, our mission is designed to collaborate with similar centers in the Republic of Moldova and other countries, to promote and perform partnership agreements with MFAEI, the Diplomatic Institute of MFAEI, MIA, Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defense, Carabineers Troops, People’s Advocate Office, Central Probation Office, CID NATO, Pro Marshall.

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